Brett Siler- Marketing Consultant, Business Owner, and Motivational Speaker

Brett Siler is a Business Consultant and Business Owner. His role is to work closely with companies and clients developing sales teams for, not only his company, as well as others he consults. He is a field expert when it comes to sales and plays a part in developing new teams for companies in leadership and management. Brett is responsible for driving sales forward and campaign management by over-seeing daily business development operations for partners and new entrepreneurs. His responsibilities also include leading the field solutions and sales management teams, human resources, recruiting, data management, and quality assurance, for his company and clients.
Siler developed a passion for management, direct sales, and consulting early on – successfully building business to business, commission-based sales and marketing teams for a variety of campaigns on a national level. He has managed sales teams and worked with companies, in 8 different states that work in different industries, giving him the experience that has gained him respect and trust in his industry. Using his operational expertise, Siler has played an integral role in helping his companies grow by 200 percent. He was awarded many awards over that last several years for his accomplishments.

Professional Experience:
10yrs of Direct Sales
8yrs of Business Consulting
Life Coach and Mentor
Professional Recruiter
Bussiness Owner
Business Development

Branding and Identity, Sales and Marketing, Corporate Sales Trainer, Business Development, Territory Management for Direct Sales, Business Negotiation


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  1. Fantastic post. I really enjoyed reading it. I’ve been a rather constant visitor of your site lately, as you constantly have loads of great information, but I decided I’d at last switch from lurker to commenter 🙂 Have a good day, look forwards to visiting more!

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